Why Choose Us?

We Use Equipment of the Highest Standard

Particularly for larger trees, removal is going to require wielding a chain saw many stories above the ground. If undertaken without proper training, this will almost certainly spell hazard—to your house, and as is more likely, to your body.


With removal, you can’t just make it vanish like a wizard. It has to be cut down in a very particular manner to keep it from causing damage to surrounding structures and areas. This is a difficult logistical problem, especially in heavily-housed residential areas. Our professionals have the experience to keep the tree removal process from itself becoming a source of damage.

We Possess the Proper Insurance & Certifications

Properly licensed professionals will have insurance in place in case anything goes wrong during the removal. Homeowner’s insurance may not cover damages incurred through what the insurance company will see as the homeowners fault. When you work with Tree Squad,  you can rest assured that everything will go as planned—and that you’ll be covered just in case it doesn’t.

Botanical Savviness

It is not always obvious when a disease is present and thriving on the inside, causing a hazard to your house or person. Our tree removal professionals know how to look for problems like rot, disease, or parasites, and can catch problems before they get out of hand.

When you need fast, reliable and cost-efficient tree removal services in the Twin Cities, contact Tree Squad by calling 952-888-8733.

What is The Cost of Tree Removal?

The average tree removal project costs between $500 and $1500 per unit. Our professionals will usually climb up and remove pieces of it to reduce damage to your yard and other landscapes.

What Are The Benefits of Professional Tree Removal?

They're beautiful. They provide shade, oxygen and a pleasing aesthetic to a yard or park. No matter how wonderful they are, sometimes they must be removed. While many of us may hesitate to jump to extremes, tree removal could be necessary if a tree has been damaged by a storm or infection and poses a risk to life and property.

The most obvious reason for removal is because it is dead. Not only do these pose a risk to buildings, pedestrians and power lines, they pose a risk to the tree removal specialist. Get a professional involved as soon as you notice declining health. It may not be too late to save it and if it is, you'll want to know before it poses a bigger risk. 

There are other reasons you may want to go with removal. Trees also like to grow in strange directions. It may be leaning toward a house or building, a play area or swimming pool. Maybe it's blocking a view, leaving a big mess after every storm, prohibiting grass growth, or the roots are a safety concern or causing damage to a foundation, sidewalk, driveway, or are threatening underground utilities. Whatever the reason, seek to hire a professional to assess your situation. 

Only a care professional, like an arborist, will be able to tell you the best option. They will also know if your landscape is being attacked by bugs or a disease. Either one has the chance of infecting or killing other trees. In this situation, the best thing for the rest of the property is to fell the infected unit. A care professional can quickly and safely remove the tree, and after it is removed, there are services like stump grinding that will help you get the remnants out of your yard.

If you are concerned about your landscape, or you just want to take great care of it, contact The Tree Squad to learn about our tree removal services.

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