When Trees Need More Than Hugs.

Our trained staff can recommend the best options to bring your trees back to health.


Pruning and Shaping

Do you have an out of control shrub or garden situation? Ever dream of coming home to your own mini arboritum in your own yard? Let us help you . We can put a fun twist on everything from shaping your Arborvitaes to advance pruning techniques on your trees . We can take the stress of annual care away by providing maintenance schedule and keep your outdoor landscapes beautiful and the envy of all your friends and neighbors.

Winter Tree Pruning

Trees are dormant during the winter months so it is a great time to give them a healthy prune. During dormancy they are more disease- and insect-resistant and heal faster than any other time of year. Do not prune them during the summer months, as this can kill them and your neighbor's oak and elms too. Have our Arborist provide you with a free consultation to discuss the best treatments available to keep your yard beautiful.

Emergency Work

The safety of you and your family is our primary concern! If you suspect a tree has become unsafe, or is in a full blown emergency, please call us right away. Children love to explore every inch of their outdoor surroundings, and if there's trouble kids will find it! The Tree Squad can help you create a comfortable, child-friendly outdoor environment.


Tree Removal

The Tree Squad Tree Service Care Specialists can remove unhealthy or unwanted trees and shrubs. Our trained staff can recommend the best options for either types of removal. Tree Squad specialists can handle any height or size, safely and with minimum inconvenience. Whether you are planning on broadening your view of the lake or the city mandates removal, Tree Squad is here to help make the process stress-free . We have what it takes to remove any size or situation out there. We specialize in tricky removals in everything from  a lake to a house, and even provide crane removal over your home or building to ensure safety and eliminate damage. 

Stump Removal

Our competition often drives trucks or heavy equipment damaging your yard , We do not! Our machines can just about go anywhere getting into even hard to reach areas. In minutes we transform those ugly stumps into a pile of organic wood mulch. We also offer for an additional charge the cleanup and filling of dirt and re-sodding of the area as well.

Tree Squad removes unwanted trees in the Twin Cities
Tree Squad removes tress in the Twin Cities

The right choice for all your tree removal needs.

We take special care not to damage what is around the tree whether its a flower garden or pool. We use top of the line equipment to get the job done right. You can count on our professionals to remove any tree any situation while minimizing damage to your yard.