Besides simply using nature’s gifts to our benefit for beautifying our homes, lawns, backyards etc., it is our duty as inhabitants of the Earth to makes sure that trees live a long, healthy life as well. Everyone who knows the ABCs of gardening understands that fertilizers are a necessity. Caring for a plant is like caring for a living entity, in all its essence. They need water, sunlight, and frequent maintenance. Additionally, in order to grow healthily and maintain their vigor, they need food. And just like we look to buy quality food for our family, we should provide high quality “foods” for our plants too.  Fertilizing your landscape provides them with nutrients when they can use them most effectively.

All too often, people believe that the soil simply is enough to aid growth. In reality, even though your plants get nutrients from the soil, they may benefit significantly from additional fertilizer. Adding a fertilizer to the feed you provide your plants aids healthy growth, which, in turn, makes them much less susceptible to attacks from disease, insects, and other adversities.

Here are four common indicators that you should apply fertilizer:

1) The tree shows very little, if any, growth, even though it is completely established and there is sufficient rainfall; 
2) Their leaves do not have a good, healthy green color, but are yellowish in around midsummer; 
3) Their leaves gradually become smaller, year after year; 
4) Their leaves turn to their autumn color and drop in August or early September.

Additionally, if and when damage or declining health, fertilization – along with other additional cultural practices – can play an important role in the recovery program.

When should you lay down fertilizer?

The fertilizer may be applied, and is usually smoothly absorbed by plants, any time during the year, as long as the soil is not too dry or frozen. However, more particularly:

Fertilizers is a source of healthy nutrition for your plants and landscape. If you are interested in tree fertilization for your property, contact Tree Squad today.

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