5 Effective Ways to Take Care of your Trees this Spring

It’s important for every homeowner to know that healthy trees aren’t a simple coincidence. Trees need to be taken care every season of the year. Since spring is almost here, we thought we would provide you with tasks you can perform and guidelines to look out for in order to ensure the health of your trees.

Get Cleaning

Get rid of holiday lights that have should have been taken down back in January. If you keep lights wrapped around tree branches, you risk stalling their growth. This also applies to any protective devices on trees used to keep them warm in the winter. You should also clear any debris around the tree such as twigs and fallen fruits. This will help trees stave off any fungal disease.

Apply Mulch

Mulch helps retain the moisture of a tree and fends off pesky weeds. We especially recommend applying mulch around younger trees (10 years old or younger) but there’s nothing wrong with applying mulch around older trees as well. Get a solid three inches of mulch around the tree, but not against the trunk. Spreading mulch on the tree trunk makes the tree susceptible to diseases.

Just Add Water

After the ground has completely thawed, it is key to add water so your trees can gain moisture. Don’t let the mild temperatures fool you, trees can still dry out in the spring if they aren’t given proper moisture. Be sure to monitor your sprinkler system for leaks and clogs, and make sure that they’re not emitting water onto trees susceptible to fungal diseases.

Remove Branches

Otherwise known as pruning, it is essential to remove any dead or diseased branches in a timely manner so you can fend off any diseases and support proper growth for your trees. If you can’t tell a dead branch from a live one, wait until new leaves appear on your tree in a later period of spring. It will be much easier to tell the healthy from the dead and diseased branches.

Keep an Eye Out

Before new leaves appear, be sure to take time in the early spring to inspect tree trunks and branches. Check for any indication of significant damage or disease. Also, if there is any damage that may be caused by an animal, such as a rabbit or a vole, you should install a screen or fence in order keep them from causing further damage.


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