Why Employ an Arborist?

If you’re wondering why you should hire an arborist, stop right there. The question should undoubtedly be: why aren’t you hiring an arborist? If you still don’t understand why, please search up “tree services gone wrong” online and you’ll understand completely. Not to chuckle or laugh at, but to learn the extreme importance of hiring a certified professional arborist. 

One of the key problems you’ll notice when watching these videos is the worker's total lack of knowledge and experience. More than half the time, individuals assume paying unqualified tree services will be cheaper but in all seriousness, this results in serious injuries and costly mistakes.

What is an arborist?

An arborist is a certified tree care specialist. They’re well equipped with the vital fundamental knowledge and training required to complete these difficult tasks. That is because they are not only concerned about the homeowners, but also the health of the trees. That is another crucial reason why no one should hire a random tree crew with no previous experience in this type of work. 

Arborists are required to be knowledgeable about the latest arboriculture methods and they routinely learn new treatments. They are well aware of tree diseases or fungus that lays hidden to the untrained eye. Many unqualified “tree care” practitioners are attempting to saturate the tree care market by taking advantage of homeowners in a downward economy. 

Even worse, not only are amateur tree specialists providing horrible and careless work, they are diminishing an arborist's expertise by giving the title a bad reputation, a reputation that certified and well-trained professionals spent countless years to master in order provide timeless results to proud homeowners.

If you have decided to hire an uncertified and unqualified tree service to handle your valuable property, please reconsider. A professional, qualified arborist – such as Tree Squad – will make all of the difference.