Tips For Screening The Neighbors With Trees

Make your backyard garden truly pretty for next summer. In fact, make it an efficient tool to screen the neighbors. A choice of fast-growing trees, bushes and plants are only a hint of what`s to come. It is also a great idea to contact gardening experts to assess the location and dimensions of your garden so they can take a pick of the best plants and spots for planting.

Achieving a proper leaf clearance is the key for making the fences into the best "green" screen. Take into account the desired height of the "green fence" and how much natural sunlight you want to get through the leaves. By adjusting the distance between the stems of the trees and the bushes, you can get a proper clearance between the branches and the leaves so they will act as a green natural screen and like window blinds in the meantime.

A proper choice of fast-growing plants is not an exception at all. Indeed, this is the most important step, because they will add a unique highlight to the entire garden landscaping after time. The dense evergreen species are recommended for small gardens, where you want to ensure privacy and serenity in a more natural way. Or else, let`s take a pick of a huge bush such as some jasmine species - they can reach a height of over 2 meters! Their roots are not that invasive than the roots of some trees, while the lush green leaves and contrasting white flowers provide a unique texture to the rest of the "green" fence. They also don`t need a lot of gardening services to keep their healthy condition throughout the year. The shrubs, even the largest ones, have another main advantage - they don`t interfere with the lawn planting in the beginning of the summer. Another great tip is to use trees that form larger crowns when they fully grow up. Thus, after a couple of years, you will have an amazing natural shade for sunbathing in the garden, as well as even more amazing "green" fence to ensure your privacy and seclusion.

Keeping a good distance from the fence when planting is another essential tip. For the low trees - some three meters from the fence is a great distance to make the perfect natural shade, as well as for an easier leaf collection in the autumn. The low trees such as exotic edibles are recommended for a denser fence, where you want a truly good coverage with leaves and branches. A lemon tree is optional, as it provides fruits in the springtime and is a year-round green plant that reaches a height of about 3 meters. It`s also a relatively fast growing tree and so you can plant other low-growing bushes near the trunks of the trees for an even thicker coverage on the lower side.

Build your natural green fence out of modular constructions. Modular fence gardening is a popular method for gardening at home and it is perfect even for “green” fences in small outdoor gardens in the suburbs with less privacy. Modular gardening is actually one of the best ways to save horizontal space by building a vertical construction with numerous pots and plants on each individual module. You can attach numerous shelves as bases of the modules directly to a wooden fence, as well as build a wooden frame construction all along the fence or even higher. When the plants flourish, you will still have a beautiful wall of green and colorful flowers, as well as plenty of lawn area for grass cutting and mowing. Contact Tree Squad to learn more!