Why Hire a Tree Removal Company?

When it comes to your outdoor space, you want to have beautiful looking trees and shrubs that enhance the look of your home. Keeping every inch of your yard maintained can be pretty overwhelming. Maybe you have some hazardous trees that need to be removed and don’t have the proper know-how to take them down. Well, not to worry. You are not on your own. This is why Tree Squad is at your service. Let’s take a look at three points of how we can service you and your property.


Nothing is more important to us than your safety. When it comes to tree removal, it’s important that you know what you are doing. Too many people get serious injuries each year from trying to cut down their own trees without knowing the proper safety precautions. By hiring tree removal experts, everyone stays safe and the tree is removed. When considering cutting down a tree, please think about your safety and contact tree removal experts.

Continual Maintenance

As the to-do list of annual maintenance on your home and yard seems to get longer each year, it might be time to outsource some of the duties. Proper pruning techniques are crucial for keeping your shrubs healthy and flourishing. Maintaining a nice shape to your plants can really take some time and a detailed eye. Many homeowners are at a loss with what to do about their plants and they let them grow out of control. Allowing a Tree Squad professional to take over this part of your annual/seasonal to-do list, you will know that your plants and shrubs will remain healthy and looking their best throughout the year.

Healthy Tree Life

There are so many pests and plant diseases that are common to the Twin Cities, you should try to stay informed and they should be taken care of when you see warning signs in your own yard. When people are sick, you take them to a doctor, right?  Well, that is the same for your shrubs and trees. When they are sick, a tree doctor should see them in order to prescribe a cure. Keeping your landscaping plants and your neighbor’s tree from getting and spreading diseases is one of the most valuable ways of helping the environment. With the pest control and tree disease specialists at Tree Squad, you can get a full evaluation and remedy for all of the different diseases that can come your way here in the Twin Cities.

When it comes to your landscaping efforts, you can see that we do so much more than remove trees, such as help maintain and protect your foliage from diseases, and make sure they stay healthy throughout the year. Let us take the stress of your yard to-do list off your shoulders, and you can be sure that your trees and shrubs will be looking sharp.