Tree Squad = Professional Pest Control

Minnesota has a welcoming and hospitable climate—but not just for humans! Carpenter ants, mice, box elder bugs, Asian ladybeetles, emerald ash borer, mice, and even larger pests are just as enamored of Minnesota’s weather, and are not shy about asserting their equal claim to places like your home, lawn, or place of business. The outdoors is lovely, but is far more enjoyable if the wildlife stays outside, and refrains from attempting to get its share of your home, building, or even blood supply. Let our tree pest control professionals establish good boundaries in your relationship with wildlife, minimizing your ecological impact while you keep pests at bay.

Know your enemy—or hire someone who does.

Despite what realtors may tell you, buying a home is a lot like an arranged marriage. You may have a look around before buying and think that the place is relatively free of headache-inducing issues, but it isn’t until you settle in to life in the new place that you start to realize that it may have problems you didn’t originally see. You likely aren’t the only organism that finds your house to be an attractive abode!

If you’re fighting a war on pests, you have to know your enemy. Winning the war requires knowing the signs that you’re prevailing—or not. Do you know the telltale signs of an infestation, like droppings, bite marks, or pheromone trails? Do you know how to tell whether the pest population is increasing or decreasing? If you’re not sure, you want to bring in auxiliaries who can help you mount a winning campaign. Let us get your home back to the state you thought it was in when you bought it.

Respect for your property and for the environment.

We know that you want to simply rid your property of the pests, not destroy the chance of life on your property for all eternity. We offer a well-calibrated approach that guarantees you’ll be rid of pests without having to worry about polluting your environment.