About Winter Tree Pruning

During that time of year when our trees don’t look “alive”, remember that they still need some maintenance and attention.  For some trees, the best time to prune is during the off season.  By utilizing their dormant period, they will be even more productive during the spring, summer and fall growth seasons.

What Is It?

Healthy total lawn care might include winter tree pruning for your yard.  If you don’t know what this is, that’s okay. You don’t have to be an expert. That is why we are here.  It is basically pruning your trees during the winter, when trees are dormant. Most people are far more familiar with spring or summer tree trimming or pruning, but may not be so familiar with winter pruning. 

Why Do It?

            Pest and Disease Control

During winter, the coldest part of the year, trees are dormant. This also means that insects and various tree diseases are dormant as well. With that being said, doing your tree pruning in the winter months allows your tree to focus solely on healing and growing, instead of fighting off disease or pests. 

            Greater Growth

When some of a trees’ limbs are removed in the dormant season, there is often times greater growth seen in the remaining ones.  This happens because there is energy being stored in the roots of the tree so when spring comes, it shoots all of that energy into the few remaining limbs instead of spreading out among all of the limbs the tree once had.  This way the tree is able to channel its’ energy more directly.

Improving Structure

As fall brings about changes in the tree in preparation for its dormant season, it is easier to see the weaker branches of the tree.  With the leaves gone for the winter, it provides a better time to evaluate which limbs need to be cut off in order to improve the tree’s structure overall.  Cutting off the weak branches benefits the tree, as well as you and your family.  Only keeping strong limbs intact will help prevent storm damage from fallen branches hitting your assets.

When you prune your trees in the winter, you don’t trim them the rest of the year.  Just that one time and they will be all ready to go.  Talking to an arborist will be your first step in knowing if your types of trees will benefit most from winter tree pruning.  This allows your trees to focus on growing strong, healthy limbs while preventing the spread of pests and disease during this time of growth.  Keeping an eye on which branches may be weak and cause potential damage will help your to prevent injury in the future as well.  Staying on top of the tree trimming game will help keep your trees healthy and your yard safe.