Have A Stump On Your Property? 6 Compelling Reasons to Remove Those Eyesores

You may have one or more stumps on your property after you've had trees removed (cut down), because a dead tree blew over during a storm or simply fell over, or that was present on your home or business property when you purchased it.  Whatever the reason, many residential property owners have to make the decision as to whether to leave a stump, or have it removed. There are some very compelling reasons for stump removal, a few of which we're revealing below.

Simply put, stumps are an eyesore.  Who wants a stump to detract from the neat, clean appearance of their property?  Stumps are not appealing, and if you're one of the many who want a beautiful landscape you can be sure a stump will be the center of attention - not your meticulously cared for lawn and flower beds.

Stumps often result in the growth of numerous small treesIf you've ever had a tree cut down and left the stump, you know the countless sprouts that may appear; even repeated poisoning doesn't completely eliminate the unsightly sprouts.  Not only are sprouts difficult to deal with, once they become dozens of smaller trees they will leech nutrients from other trees, shrubs, or plants located in the nearby vicinity. 

Termites, beetles, ants, and other insects/pests may be the result if you choose not to have a stump removedWhen not professionally removed, stumps can take years to completely rot away.  In the meantime, they attract insects that love wood, especially termites, ants, beetles, and other wood-boring pests.  While this may not seem like a big deal, it will be when they begin invading your home!

Why waste your time maneuvering around stumps?  It's impossible to mow your grass closely around a stump, and who wants to weed eat every week or apply weed killer?  Stumps are a nuisance when it comes to manicuring your lawn, plain and simple.

Stumps pose a real danger to anyone who comes onto your propertyIf you have small children or teenagers, stumps can be dangerous when they're playing or running.  Do you want to be held liable if a neighbor comes to your home and trips over a small stump as you stroll through the yard?  Not only are stumps hazardous to people, they're also a danger when you're mowing the lawn and can seriously damage your mower.  Smaller or shorter stumps are sometimes difficult to see, creating a hazard for humans and your expensive riding mower.

If your property is small, why waste precious space with stumps?  A small flower bed, perhaps a picnic table or swing - stumps can take up considerable space depending on their size, and if your lawn is already small, there are dozens of things you could do with that space to make your place more appealing.  The fact of the matter is stumps are not attractive, and the smaller the space, the more they stand out.

Should you consider a professional stump removal company?  In most cases, property owners find the cost well worth it.  You can try digging a stump out, burning it with charcoal, using products on the market that claim to remove stumps, but in the end, nothing produces the results you're hoping for.  Expert stump removal, or years spent trying to get rid of that eyesore on your own.  Which will it be?


This post was provided by our friends at A&E Tree Service, a licensed and insured Kansas City tree service company. For more information on A&E Tree, please visit the A&E Tree Care Facebook page or the A&E Tree Service G+ page.