How to Build a Fence Near Trees

Building a fence around or near trees comes with its own unique challenges. If the root system of a tree gets damaged while digging for the fence, then it can severely affect the health of the tree as a damaged root system makes the trees vulnerable to disease. Also, the growing roots of the trees can damage the fence installation and cause buckling, heaving and shifting of the fence posts. You may have to re-install such a damaged fence. Here are some tips to guide you while building a fence near trees.

Measure Carefully

Good advance planning is key to a successful fence building project. It is therefore recommended to carefully plan the line of the fence before building it by measuring meticulously and marking the position of fence-posts with small stakes.

Usually, the roots of a tree extend to the same extent as the branches of a tree. Hence, to minimize the chances of the fence posts and the roots interfering with each other, the stakes must ideally be located outside the ground area covered by the branches of the tree.

Preliminary Digging

"In order to make sure that the fence posts are not hitting any roots, it is recommended to do some initial digging up to a depth of about two to three feet while putting down the stakes and check for the presence of the roots. If a stake is hitting a root, the position of the stake must be relocated to a new position away from the root," said Jim Sweet, a Vinyl Fence Wholesaler.

Once all the stakes marking the position of the future fence-posts have been planted, you can start digging the actual holes for the fence posts and install the fence.

Get Professional Help

To ensure complete peace of mind, you can also hire a professional fence installation contractor for installing your fence. Many professional fence installation service providers have extensive experience of executing complex fence installations and most reputed fence installation service providers also offer free estimates for fencing projects.