Winter Is Coming...Get Tree Stump Removal Service Before The Snow Arrives

Winter is coming! It won't be long before the days are noticeably shorter and colder. With snowy weather on the way, now is the time to winterize your property with some fall landscaping services. One such services is tree stump removal. Tree stumps are not only unsightly, but dangerous, especially in the snow. Minnesotans love playing in the snow, but no one likes ramming their shin or sledding face-first into a camouflaged tree stump. That's without the risk of new trees developing diseases from regeneration. Let's look at some additional reasons to get tree stump removal sooner than later. 

Tree Stump Removal

Safety Hazard

As we mentioned before, tree stumps are a real safety hazard, especially when left in 3-5 ft. of snow. Adults and children alike are liable to run or trip over one. Stumps also make landscaping more difficult because they can damage equipment like mowers.  

Environmental Impact

Sprouts grow around tree stumps that deprive surrounding trees and other plants of much needed nourishment, threatening the integrity of the property. Stumps that are left to rot and decay also attract insects and pests like termites, beetles, ants, and more.

Delayed Removal

Tree stumps take some time to remove. Most conventional methods involve the use of chemicals to weaken the stump before removing it, which can't be done for at least a month or two.  

Regeneration Factors

Tree stumps can sometimes regenerate into new trees. Deciduous trees that have been cut, for example, can re-sprout from the old root system or in place around the stump. These sprouts can grow very quickly. The cut portion of the trunk, however, may have weakened the sprout, leaving it susceptible to disease. 

Wood Source 

Who couldn't do without some additional firewood this year? Tree stumps can be removed faster by setting them on fire, but you'll also loose out on some good firewood for the winter. Consider digging out the stump before jumping to set it ablaze.