6 Signs A Tree Is About To Fall

Dead trees are not only unsightly to see, they are also a safety hazard. Depending on its location, a dead tree can cause damage to your home or car if it falls. It could even possibly fall on you or a family member (worse case scenario of course!). In short, having a dead tree on your property is no good. But how can you tell if a tree is dead, or if it is about to fall? A proper analysis is best left to professional arborists. There are, however, 6 signs a tree is about to fall for you to remember before taking down a tree.

6 Signs A Tree is About to Fall

Falling Branches

If branches from a tree begin to fall off, it may be about to fall entirely. Not to go all Jeff Foxworthy on you, but falling branches indicates the tree is dead or shedding in order to make itself smaller. Falling branches pose a hazard to your safety and property, and should not be ignored. 

Deep Cracks or Missing Bark

Cankers developing on a tree is another sign that it may be dead. Cankers are areas where bark is missing or the trunk is gashed or indented. This makes the trunk weaker and therefore more likely to crack and fall. Trees with deep cracks should be tended to sooner rather than later. 

Hole in the Trunk

Holes in the tree trunk generally result from a fallen branch. This causes the inside of the tree to decay more rapidly, which threatens the integrity of the trunk. Holes are not always a sign that the tree will fall, but should be checked for thick, sound wood surrounding the hole. 

Falling Leaves

Leaves falling out of season is usually an indicator that a tree is dead. If the leaves fall in a pattern from the outside canopy to the inner trunk, its usually a sign of compromised roots. A compromised root zone makes a tree much more likely to fall. 

A Leaning Trunk

Trees leaning at an angle are also likely to eventually fall. A tree that is leaning is a sign that the root system or trunk is significantly weakened. You should tend to a leaning trunk sooner rather than later, especially if the tree is near the street or your house. 

Compromised Root Zone

It is harder to tell if a tree's root zone is weak or compromised. Leaning trunks can indicate a weakened root system. Fungi growing on the trunk also indicates that a tree is rotting on the inside. Look for mushrooms growing at the base of the tree to tell if the root zone is weak or dying. 

The best way to tell if a tree is about to fall is to have a professional arborist conduct an analysis. That's where we come in. Tree Squad professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in identifying and removing dead trees. Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our arborists. We will come out and take a look at your trees and property and make a recommendation for a plan of action. Otherwise, remember to keep these signs a tree is about to fall in mind the next time you walk around in your yard.