Insurance and Fallen Tree Removal

Summer may be nearing an end, but with all the rain we've had lately it doesn't seem to be in a real hurry. Stormy weather is great to fall asleep to, but what happens when you wake up and find a tree in your yard, or on top of your car?  The first thing people do is turn to their insurance. Without the right coverage, however, many are left without any assistance in certain situations. Here are a few tips you should know about insurance and fallen tree removal so you're prepared when it happens to you.  

Insurance and Fallen Tree Removal

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance will likely assist you with covering removal and property repair costs. You will, however, have to cover a deductible beforehand. Once the deductible is paid, your insurance will assist with damage to your roof, fence, and other home property. If a tree falls on account of neglect, however, you may not receive any coverage, so be sure to keep your trees in good shape. 

No Damage = No Coverage 

You may be left to cover the cost of tree removal if there is no damage to your property. Even if there are a few skid marks in your yard, you will likely still be left liable to remove the tree yourself. 

Car Insurance

If a tree falls on your car, it's up to your car insurance to cover the cost of damages. Again, you will have to satisfy a deductible, but you should still be covered, no matter whose tree fell on your car. Car insurance may not, however, cover the cost to remove the tree, so that could be an additional expense. 

Neighboring Trees

Your homeowners or car insurance should cover you regardless of whose tree falls on your property. Whether a neighbor's tree or your own falls on top of your house or car, insurance will still assist with repair costs. However, in the case that your neighbor was negligent towards their tree and it fell on your property, your insurance provider may attempt to collect funds from their insurance provider. 

City Ordinance 

Trees that fall in the street may be the responsibility of the city. The city may only be responsible for the portion that's in the street. That means you could be left liable for half a tree that's left in your yard. Check with the city and your provider to see who is responsible in these situations. 

Tree Squad is always ready to assist you with emergency tree removal. Call us in the event that you have to have a tree removed from your car or property. We are knowledgeable about municipal ordinances and laws and will work with you and your insurance to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Call today!