What Trees Make The Best Christmas Trees?

It's that time of year when families hang lights on their houses and go shopping for Christmas trees. Although thousands of trees are used as Christmas trees every year, most people don't give much thought as to what kind of tree they are getting.  As long as it looks like a Christmas tree, everything is grand, right? Well, yeah, until the tree dies too early and you're left with a brown, decrepit tree come Christmas morning. How do you know what species of trees make for the best Christmas trees? And how do you know what species of tree you are getting? Below is a list of tree species that make the best Christmas trees. 

What Trees Make the Best Christmas Trees

1. Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce has been the traditional Christmas tree in Britain since the Victorian era. While it looks beautiful and makes for a good tree, it does drop its needles pretty early. Therefore, wait until later in December before you actually bring it home to decorate. 

2. Nordman Fir 

Although slightly more expensive than the Norway Spruce, the Nordman Fir is known to hold its needles for much longer, and is becoming a more popular selection every year. Nordman's provide a relaxing, but not too potent fragrance, and their soft foliage makes it a child-friendly option. 

3. Fraser Fir 

This popular American fir has a narrow base and aromatic fragrance. It is currently the highest-selling tree in the US for Christmas trees. It is also know to retain its needles longer than the traditional Norway spruce. 

4. Serbian Spruce

The Serbian spruce is very similar to the Norway spruce. Unlike the Norway spruce, however, the Serbian spruce features an appealing blue undertone in its needles. Furthermore, the Serbian spruce is more slender, and better suited for smaller residences. 

5. Douglas Fir

The Douglas fir has been a popular choice for Christmas trees in the US since the 1920s. It features soft, dark green or blue/green needles and provides a nostalgic citrus aroma. Like the Nordman fir, it is also retains its needles for a longer period of time. 

6. Lodgepole Pine

The Lodgepole Pine is native to the United States. It features a bushy foliage with yellow/green needles and also has extended needle retention. These trees are believed to have been used by natives to make wigwam poles. 

For more information on the various types of trees native to your area, call the experts at Tree Squad. They are experienced and knowledgeable about various tree species and removal, and can point you in the right direction for your Christmas needs. Call today!