5 Tips On How To Keep Up Your Christmas Tree Through New Years

Christmas trees are a time-honored tradition this time of year. Whether you're going authentic, or bringing the artificial tree out from the attic, nothing says Christmas more than a decorative tree. That said, going out and getting a tree is rarely a pleasant walk in the park. Furthermore, poor old Dad is just going to have to haul it out of the house in just a few weeks anyway. But if you would like to keep your tree up into the New Year, it will require a little extra care. Follow these 5 tips on how to keep up your Christmas tree through New Years. 

5 Tips On How To Keep Up Your Christmas Tree Through New Years

1. Get a Healthy Tree

The first step in keeping your tree around through the New Year is to get a young, health tree. When you are at the tree lot, do some tests before you buy one based solely on looks. Brush the branches to see if the needles fall off easily. If they do, move onto the next tree. Bare in mind, you don't want to shake the branch; just a gentle brush will do. 

2. Keep it Hydrated

Trees and plants need water just like we do. Keep your tree healthy by watering it once a day. Remember, though, not to flood the stand, as this could compromise the root system. You should also consider using filtered, or natural spring water, as chlorinated tap water can also have a negative impact on the life of the tree. 

3. Don't Place Beside the Fireplace

Fireplaces and furnaces make for serious fire hazards when it comes to Christmas trees (and hopefully for obvious reasons!). Place your tree in a safe space in your home. The corner of a room, or an open space with a window makes for an ideal spot. As long as your tree is far enough away from a significant heat source, you should be good. 

4. Wrap Your Tree

If you go to a farm to cut your own tree, be sure to wrap it for the trip home. High wind speeds and frigid temperatures are terrible for your tree, and will seriously affect its lifespan. 

5. Beware of the Dog!

Secure your tree if you have a dog or cat that would love to go climbing in your tree. Cats are notorious for climbing into Christmas trees, and dogs can spend all day trying to tear lights and ornaments out of the tree!