Why Dormant Pruning Is Effective For Tree Disease Management

Dormant pruning is a key strategy in tree disease management. In states like Minnesota and Michigan, it is particularly effective in combating Oak Wilt. Pruning during the spring and summer months is tricky, and dangerous. Infectious diseases like Oak Wilt are much more likely to spread in the warm season. Open wounds from disease attract insects that carry infectious spores to neighboring plants and trees. In the winter, however, these bacterial agents are dormant, making pruning a much safer and more effective practice. 

Dormant Pruning and Tree Disease Management

When To Prune Your Trees

It is best to have your trees pruned between November and March. This time will vary with fluctuating weather conditions from year to year. Generally speaking, however, most insect carriers like the picnic beetle remain dormant throughout the entire month of March. Once the weather warms, however, and insect carriers return, it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent disease like Oak Wilt from spreading. 

Ways of Transmission

Diseases like Oak Wilt can spread by other means as well. Pruning, for example, requires the use of cutting equipment that comes into direct contact with bacterial spores in infected trees. If this equipment is not sanitized it can spread bacterial spores to other trees and cause further infections. Saw dust or bits of chipped branches from pruning are liable to spread the disease. It is therefore important that pruning equipment be sanitized before every use. 

Benefits of Dormant Pruning

Pruning, in general, is a proactive way of keeping trees healthy and disease-free. The appearance of dead wood is another reason pruning is beneficial to the life of your trees. Additionally, pruning makes trees more resistant to damage from storms and harsh weather.

The professionals at Tree Squad are knowledgeable and experienced in annual tree pruning. In addition to providing regular pruning and maintenance, we also offer proactive tree disease prevention to ensure your trees stay healthy and live a long full life. Call us today to schedule a consultation for winter pruning services.