Our shrub pruning professionals can establish the type of pruning needed to preserve or enhance the strength, appearance and well-being of your shrubs.

In simple terms, shrub pruning should take place whenever you feel that your shrub is looking untidy. From a professional perspective, however, the best time to hire a certified Minnesota arborist would be sometime between late spring and early summer. The only exception would be if you have a flowering shrub. In these cases, timing has a significant impact on the production of flowers. To successfully care for your shrubs, they should receive a pruning right after blooming, before buds appear for the next season.

Pruning Options. There are a variety of pruning techniques. When deciding on a method, it is important to consider whether the method is health for the shrub, and meets your aesthetic expectations. Following proper shrub pruning techniques will allow you to find a balance that is health for the shrub, and pleasing to the eye.

The Process of Thinning. One special pruning technique is called "thinning." Certain branches are carefully removed at the base of the shrub. This allows light to pass through the shrub. It also controls the size, ensuring it does not grow too large for its surroundings.

Branches are also trimmed until they become attached to another outward facing branch. For a formal look, in early summer trim new shoots back by half. This will create more branching at the shrub base. Once fall appears, start trimming the new growth by half again. This will allow you to start shaping the shrub, flattening it out at the top if you desire, or giving it a more rounded look.

Although it can be tempting, make sure not to prune your shrubbery too much. Removing too many branches can be detrimental to flowering and the overall health of your shrub. However, by removing dead wood, unproductive stems and older growth regularly, your shrub can be maintained and shaped for many years.

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