5 Tips For Tree Trimming in Minneapolis

Tree trimming, or pruning, is the process of maintaining the growth of your trees. Pruning is usually done in the winter,  after the coldest seasonal temperatures have passed. Light pruning, however, can be done anytime of the year. Tree trimming in Minneapolis should be done in the summer soon after seasonal growth is complete to direct and slow the trees’ continued growth. This practice maintains the life of the tree and removes any unsightly branches or dead wood. If you have trees on your property that need pruning, follow these 5 tips for tree trimming in Minneapolis. 

1. Go From Top to Bottom

Begin your visual inspection from the top of tree and work your way down. Most species of trees should have a single trunk. Before you begin pruning, identify the most ideal leader branches, and then the later branches. Remove any defective, damaged, or broken branches or components before starting. 

2. Follow the 1/3 and 1/4 Rules of Pruning

You should never remove more than a quarter (1/4) of a tree’s crown in a single season. Aim for side branches that are about a third (1/3) the diameter of the main trunk. Once cut, you don’t need to worry about pruning cuts for aesthetic quality, but you can paint over larger wounds if you wish. 

3. Keep Sharp Tools 

You should be able to prune single branches with a pair of one-handed shears. Curved blades tend to work best on younger trees, but if the blades are dull they will not work properly on any tree. You can use a pole pruner for higher branches, but bigger jobs should be left to professional arborists. 

4. Remove Larger Branches At Collar 

When removing larger branches, cut outside of the branch ridge and collar. This helps maintain the aesthetic appearance of the tree and is most effective for controlling growth. 

5. Cut Laterally To Shorten 

If you are only shortening small branches, cut the branch at a lateral bud, or another lateral branch. You want to choose a bud that will grow outward in the desired direction when making the cut. Make a sharp, clean cut about 1/4” past the bud along the branch at a slight angle. 

Summer weather is great for maintaining the look and appearance of your trees. You can follow these 5 tips for tree trimming in Minneapolis if you are a local resident. Call the a professional arborist in your local area to schedule a consultation, or to enquire with questions and/or concerns about tree trimming and pruning.