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If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your Hopkins, Minnesota property, increase the financial value of your home or have your trees and shrubs properly cared for, we are here to help!

About Tree Squad

At Tree Squad, we are dedicated to providing Hopkins with residential and commercial tree services. Proper tree care is essential to keep your trees and shrubs looking healthy. That is why we only employ experienced and skilled professionals. You will never have to work with an untrained arborist.

About Hopkins, Minnesota

Located just west of Minneapolis, Hopkins, Minnesota is a small suburban municipality nestled in between several other larger ones, such as Minnetonka and Edina. It consists of 4.11 square miles, almost all of it developed in some way.

In 1952, settlers arrived in Hennepin County and made their homes in the area that is now known as Hopkins. They were mostly represented by people who were stationed at Fort Snelling. This loose collection of residents remained unorganized until 1887, when a factory, the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company, was built and hired many residents from the area. It was at this time that homes were built to house the employees of the company. In 1893, 41 of those residents petitioned for their small community to be recognized as a separate village from the surrounding townships. Thus, Hopkins was born.

Hopkins currently operates under what is known as a council-manager structure. This means that while the council can set the direction, the city manager executes those plans. Councillors are not allowed to determine who the manager hires and appoints, and cannot give direction to city staff. Essentially the manager works for the city, and the staff work for the manager. There is a mayor and four councillors, all of whom are at-large. Mayoral terms are two years, and council members are under four year terms. Every two years there are two seats up for election. They are paid modestly, with the major receiving $6000 a year, and the council members $4000.

During the great depression, many communities were looking for ways to increase business and to increase morale. To help with both of those goals, Hopkins put on their first Hopkins Raspberry Festival in 1935. It is now held every year at the height of the raspberry picking season. There is a small board that runs the festival, along with an incredibly engaged group of volunteers. The festival involves sporting events, community activities, a parade, and much more. It is the largest event on the calendar for the community, and brings in visitors from around the area as well.

Like many of the suburban communities that surround the Twin Cities, Hopkins offers a slice of small town life to go with big city excitement. With it is charm and reasonable housing prices, Hopkins is definitely an attractive place to live.

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