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If you are a Chanhassen, Minnesota property owner having an issue with anything related to your trees, do not hesitate to contact us. Our tree service is ready to help you resolve your problem. You can reach us online or by calling 952-888-8733.

About Tree Squad

Tree Squad is a locally-owned business focusing on superior tree and shrub care services. We have been operating since 2001 and have helped thousands of customers in Chanhassen and throughout the Twin Cities area during that time.

About Chanhassen, Minnesota

Split between Carver and Hennepin counties, Chanhassen, Minnesota is a suburb of Minneapolis that emphasizes nature and physical activity. It’s a smaller community of 22,952 as of 2010, but it offers so much in the way of entertainment and quality of life to its citizens.

The name of Chanhassen is derived from an old Dakota word that means “sugar-maple tree.” It’s appropriate that the city’s name is a nod to nature, as the outdoors is something on which the city has placed a focus for many years. It must be working. In 2009, Money Magazine rated it as the second best place to live in the United States.

Recreation in Chanhassen is focused around parks, trails, and open spaces. It has five beaches that are open to the public on three different lakes: Lake Ann, Lake Minnewashta, and Lotus Lake.

For a smaller community, it’s surprising to know that they have 70 miles of trails that are maintain. The trails are used for several purposes, such as hiking, biking, and sightseeing. Many of them travel through natural resource corridors, providing users a glimpse of Minnesota’s beauty.

In 1999, Chanhassen built a skate park to accommodate the growing interest in the sport. Other sports are also offered through the Chanhassen Athletic Association, such as soccer, baseball, and basketball.

With so many lakes in the area, there are plenty of fishing opportunities all year round. Especially productive are Lake Minnewashta and Lake Ann, which feature norther pike that are known for their aggressiveness. Ice fishing is a popular pastime in the area as well.

Sure, residents of Chanhassen could go to the Twin Cities for their theatre fix, but the fact is that they have professional theatre right in town. Chanhassen Dinner Theatres is the largest in the United States, in fact. They have produced 200 shows in the past 50 years, and have entertained over ten million patrons in that time.

Chanhassen is without a doubt one of the best places to live in all of the United States. With it’s parks, theatre, entertainment options, and proximity to the Twin Cities, it’s got a little something for everyone.

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