How To Prepare Your Trees For The Spring

With March literally right around the corner, it's time to start looking towards spring chores you have to tackle before summer arrives. The house needs cleaning, the gutters must be cleared, and your home landscape must be cleared of all the debris that has accumulated over the winter months. In addition, your trees must be tended to as well. Many people don't think to prepare their trees for the upcoming warmth of summer. However, properly preparing trees is an excellent way to ensure a long lifespan and healthy sprout once the weather is right. Turn to the experts at Tree Squad to show you how to prepare your trees for the spring this season. 

How To Prepare Your Trees for the Spring

Tree Pruning 

Pruning is a chore that can be done throughout the year. With the warm season quickly approaching however, it's best to prune limbs and branches that have been damaged from heavy snow and winter winds over the last few months. Remove broken or hanging branches to prevent personal injury or further damage to the tree over the summer. In addition, remove branches that appear dead to prevent the spread of diseases among your trees once summer comes. 


Mulching is not just for your garden or flowerbeds. Mulch provides essential nutrients to the soil around your trees and helps keep them healthy and hydrated all summer long. The experts at Tree Squad know exactly how much mulch should be used, and can manipulate the mulch around your trees to give them an even greater aesthetic quality. 


Winter tends to deposit debris from dead leaves, grass, and fallen branches around your trees. Be sure to rake up and dispose of any debris from these materials and weed the area around your trees to ensure proper growth and nourishment for the summer season.