What Are The Biggest Trees on Earth?

There are giants in the land and they grow from the ground up. They are trees – capacious, grand and tall. Some species of trees have such bulk, girth and height that they would have to be called superlative, over-the-top trees. Following is information about some of them:

Giant Sequoia Trees

Of all the living things on earth, the giant sequoias may very well be the very largest. They could even be called antique. What’s even more noticeable about them is their massive size. To get an idea of how colossal they are, consider what a few of them were made into. There was one giant sequoia whose stump was big enough to be turned into a cabinet. Another of this species of tree was turned into a dance floor. One had a hole cut into it that formed a tunnel wide enough for vehicles to drive through.

In New Zealand, the United States and Europe; you find these trees. In the United States, they proliferate in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. One notable giant sequoia is the General Sherman Tree. There is also the Robert E. Lee tree, which is estimated to have about 2.8 billion leaves.

The cones of this species can last up to 20 years, and their hallmark is that they only open when exposed to heat sources.

John Muir campaigned for the Giant Sequoia National Park, and more recently, President Bill Clinton did the same for the Giant Sequoia National monument in 2000.

Redwood Trees

The redwood tree is mentioned in the patriotic song, “This Land is Your Land.” They are ancient in age, having a great pedigree. In fact, they are considered living fossils in some circles. John Muir campaigned for their conservation.

They are all over the state of California, along the coastline. A lot of times they grow close together and form what is called a biomass. At times their root systems are multitudinous and pile on top of each other. At  other times, old trees of this species develop new shoots.


Both of these species grow hundreds of feet tall.  They are indeed the largest and tallest trees on the planet.