The True Significance of Trees

Trees are a crucial part of our lives. They denote a natural beauty, cleanse and improve the air we breathe, provide the most appropriate habitats for wildlife and provide shade, cutting down energy bills.

We unmistakably feel a physical connection to the trees because they offer a sense of peace within the wild. It is therefore only logical to state that we can barely thrive in the absence of this tall, leafy and beautiful creation. They contribute greatly to the enhancement of a worthy landscape. As a matter of fact, when mature, they are estimated to increase property value by 10-20 percent. Some of their basic benefits include: shade, beauty and property appeal. This article classifies all the benefits into 3 broad categories;

Economic benefits. Heating and cooling our homes during the different seasons is quite a hustle. Most of the equipment for this particular purpose is not only exclusive; it incurs heavy electricity bills. Trees are a natural source of air conditioning in any season. It is advisable to plant deciduous trees that shed their leaves seasonally on the west end and south end of your home. The seasonal shedding guarantees maximum home shade in the summer and sunlight during winter. It is estimated that mature deciduous trees will reduce air conditioning costs by 15 percent.

Environmental Benefits. Is your homestead vulnerable to harsh winds and floods during storms? Trees are a solution to these nuisances. Mature trees deflect winds and protect your compound from soil erosion, especially during storms. They are capable of filtering water, reducing the impact of a storm and saving your beautiful property from erosion.

Trees absorb pollutants. Carbon dioxide, dust, ash and harmful smoke from industries from the air and ensures an ideal atmosphere free of these harmful toxins. They essentially give us oxygen in exchange of these dangerous pollutants. Wow! You are very likely to find plenty of beautiful birds frequenting your compound if you offer them a home.

Social benefits. It is only logic to say that well maintained estates with plenty of trees experience less crime rates compared to their counterparts. Trees are known to have a peaceful influence within the vicinity they flourish. Looking at trees will reduce your stress levels. This explains the low anxiety levels in tree-rich neighborhoods. Such localities are extremely alluring to many high-end individuals and also embrace a higher property value.

Plant a tree in your yard and contribute to the beauty. You may even find yourself with fruits for home consumption, reducing your visits to the grocery store.