Tree Squad gets rid of Birch Leafminer

Birch Leafminer

All birch species

What you will see:

  • Large blotch mines in the leaves
  • Damage is scattered throughout the tree
  • Mines will turn brown
  • Leaves will look wilted
  • High populations can damage the entire canopy
  • Repeated defoliation by leaf miner will decrease tree health
  • Leaf miner defoliation is directly correlated to Bronze birch borer attack


Life cycle:

  • Pupae overwinter in a cocoon 1-2 inches under the soil
  • Adults emerge in Spring (April-May)
  • Mated females lay eggs in leaf (May)
  • Larvae produce a blotch mine (May-June)
  • Larvae form a pupation chamber in the soil (June)

Cultural practices:

  • Water trees during dry season
  • Plant birch in shady, cool, moist areas
  • Reduce fertilization
  • High nitrogen trees are more attractive to leafminers
  • Mulch with Prescription Organic Matter©
  • Plant flowers to provide nectar sources for parasitic wasps

Chemical treatments are effective in controlling the birch leafminer. Please consult with your Arborist for treatment recommendations.