Tree Squad gets rid of Spruce Spider Mites

Spruce Spider Mite

Colorado, Norway, white pine, arborvitae, cedars, Douglas fir, hemlock, junipers, larch, and pine.

What you will see:

  • Stippling of needles (small yellow or tan dots)
  • Single strands of webbing
  • Shake a branch over a white piece of paper
  • Spider mites are slow moving and green when squished
  • Fast moving red dots are predatory mites

Life cycle:

  • Mites overwinter as eggs on bark and needles
  • Eggs hatch in April and May
  • Mites are most active during the cool seasons
  • April and May
  • September and October

Cultural practices:

  • Use low nitrogen fertilizer
  • Make sure watering is adequate
  • Trees planted too close together are more susceptible
  • Shaded trees are more susceptible
  • Place flowering plants in vicinity - they will provide increased nectar sources for predators

Chemical practices:

  • Spider mites are susceptible to topical insecticides. Check with your Arborist for recommended treatment.