St. Louis Park Tree Service

Tree Squad offers premium tree care and tree removal services to home and business owners in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Locally owned and operated Tree Squad has more than 15 years of experience and a professional team on staff who are able to meet all of your tree care needs in St. Louis Park. Contact us online or by calling 952-888-8733 to schedule an appointment!

About St. Louis Park

St. Louis Park Minnesota is just a short drive away from Minneapolis, which means that it’s close to everything a major city has to offer, but has so much to offer on its own. From parks, to education, to social and recreation, there is something for everyone in St. Louis Park. Here is just a taste of what the community has to offer.

St. Louis Park is primarily a residential community, but you’ll find a diverse collection of neighborhoods and people. Many ethnic heritages are represented by various neighborhoods, as are various social and religious groups. Every neighborhood has its own feel and vibe, which adds to the rich culture that’s available in St. Louis Park. There are many retail stores, from the family-owned to chain establishments. Plus, if you’re looking for more “big-city” entertainment, like theatre, sports, and shopping, Minneapolis is just minutes away.

St. Louis Park started as a small community of just 45 families 115 years ago. Now, it’s almost 11 square miles is home to over 45,000 people from all walks of life. You will find a nice mix of traditional and more modern homes. The school district in St. Louis Park is renowned for the quality of education it provides. Every single school in the community is classified as a National School of Excellence.

St. Louis Park is an appropriate name for the community. More than 10% of the land is parkland, comprising over 50 parks where the beauty of the Midwest is on full display. These parks also provide valuable recreation and community spaces for all to enjoy. An amazing feature is the trail system that connects St. Louis Park residents to Minneapolis, Hopkins, and Chaska.

Metro transit buses service all areas of St. Louis Park for reasonable rates. In addition, there are express buses that can take visitors and residents to places of interest, such as the University of Minnesota. There’s no reason to feel stuck no matter where you are.